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Monday, June 28, 2004



I didn't see mine there. You can steal one of my photos from my blog if you want to, or I can email you one. I loved the pattern and I'm definately going to make more!!


Thanks Stephanie! I added your Booga Bag picture to the gallery!


Thanks for posting the pic of my Booga Bag in color #90. Could you link it to me? I'm in the Knitting Bloggers webring, too.

Thanks much!


I linked you Laurie!


I love the bags. I've made two in Kureyon which I'll post on my blog soon. I've linked to your site as well. Happy knitting!


I sent you an email with my bags :)
Except I think I forgot to send my name. You can probably figure out from the email address that it's Jessi :)

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