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Sunday, July 31, 2005



The bag looks great. I tried to use bias tape on a purse I made a year or so ago and it didn't work out so well. I basically have no idea what I'm supposed to do with it, so I just winged it. Now I'm terrified of bias tape. Any good tips or sources that show what to do with it? I tried searching online but didn't have much luck.


Illustrator is a great package. I just went to cnet.com and did a search for it and came up with a lot of different options for different versions, Windows, Mac, whatever. It's ALWAYS a good site to check out for basically any tech question. (Or at least, I think so!)


I love the bag. You need time off...

Regarding Adobe. You might be able to find older versions available for download, on the internet. Some might be a little... umm... shady yeah... You could also hit Adobe's website and see if they have older versions of their software for a more reasonable price.
Until you find something, you can go back and download the trial version, only this time in Pete's name.. and then in Maddie's.
Good luck.. IF I happen across anything on the web that doesn't look like pirating, I will let you know.


There is a site that I call my "desperation download" site. You can find anything there. If you're interested, e-mail me.


Cute bag - love the shape!


The bag looks great and I like how it stands up!

karen w

Very cool bag!
As for Illustrator, if you have academic credentials, a quick Froogle search came up with student version much less than $500. Says it is the same as the full-priced version. Just a thought.
Can't wait for the Carroll Bag to be available to the masses. Working on an Elizabeth bag with Fibonacci stripes. :D :D :D
Good Luck!


Do you know anyone who works at Adobe? They (used to, at least) get a hefty hefty employee discount. Adobe Academic discount is also significant.

http://www.experts-exchange.com/Web/Graphics/Q_21238859.html has some suggestions to a freeware alternative. I'm not aware of a "el cheapo" Elements version of Illustrator like Photoshop Elements.

Try amazon used software or the local used bookstore for an older copy of Illustrator. My local store Book Buyers (bookbuyers.com) also sells used software. They may be able to ship an older copy to you.


I was going for a student version too - Journey Education has it cheap for that purpose! All you need is a student id


yes buy the designer bundle on a student price if you can. that way you get creative suite (photoshop cs, indesign cs, and illustrator cs) all on the cheap. that's what i did but can't afford the upgrades for now.


If you don't care about having the latest-and-greatest version of Illustrator, I'd give eBay a try. There are lots of older versions (often unused) available at deep discounts.


If you have a student in the family, use academicsuperstore.com. They have ridiculously cheap prices and all they require is proof that the student is currently and actually a student. And they sell full versions of the products, not academic versions. It's fabulous!

K. Anne

Cute bag. Definitely a "treat"!

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