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Thursday, July 28, 2005



I love my Rowan subscription! At my LYS (which I love to support - I work there and all!) the magazines are $25 individually. For the $44 subscription I'm getting 2 mags AND the yarn they send out for renewals, so I'm saving boatloads of money and have loved every pattern I've ever made out of them.

Plus, they're like coffee table books - friends (boys, even!) love thumbing through the Rowan mags if I leave them out. Not the same for any of the other knit mags I know of. The photographs are luscious - even the paper it's printed on feels nice in your hands.

But, after all of that, the mag with my favorite patterns has to be Rebecca! Can't live without my Rebecca subscription...(and to be honest, I've actually let all of my subscriptions lapse for the knitmags but Rowan and Rebecca - and CastOn, though I would totally not subscribe if I wasn't working on the master knitter program.)




I have to agree with you about Cast On. I suspect I won't renew. How many people really need a floor length cabled coat in orange? Vogue's not in the mailbox yet... BTW, I'm knitting Sophie, can't wait to finish her and felt!


Interweave Knits, hands down. There has never been an issue when at least one pattern didn't inspire me or make me want to knit it.


I completely agree. I just got my cast-on magazine and thought the same thing - NOTHING in there I'd want to make. Haven't gotten my Vogue yet....hmmmm...but now I figure that won't be too inspiring either..I don't know about you all but I'm sick of ponchos/capelets...over them and every magazine lately dedicates quite a bit of space to those...


A year or two ago I would have said Vogue Knitting, no question. I've been a subscriber since about 1988. Now I'd say Interweave Knits--I'm liking more of their patterns lately. Knitters is just okay. I like the Rowan Fall issues, but rarely see anything I like in the Summer one--but yes, it's not a "magazine" kind of magazine at all. Definitely more like a book. I've never liked Cast On, and I tried InKnitters a year or so ago and couldn't stand it--the articles with "substance" didn't nearly make up for the ugly patterns (grin).


I had to vote twice, Interweave and Rowan. I feel like I get such a bargain with Rowan because I buy them anyway and get the free yarn. Interweave is the best regular magazine for me-love the patterns every time. Jane


Hey, I just wanted to let you know that my local yarn store, Loops, (I'm in Tulsa, OK) was asking me if I knew any patterns that they didn't carry that they should. They are selling the needles I make so I spend a good deal of time there. I told them they should be selling Black Sheep Bags patterns since felted bag patterns are selling so well at their store. Hopefully you will be hearing from them soon.


You know if you really hate them you could always find them another home.. hehehhe
I am enjoying my Interweave Knits (I'm not biased at all by the fact that they get their non knitted clothing at my favourite clothing store in Rockland ME.. The Black Parrot..)
Aren't you in Maine? If so.. mabye a meetup is in order in September.. ;-)


I agree with you on Cast On totally...I've finally completely stopped buying it and just paging through it at the bookstore when I think about it. I just purchased Creative Knitting and I'm considering returning it...can you return magazines--LOL. The only consolation is that unlike other magazines, I enjoy the ads in knitting mags as much or more than the patterns. I agree about Rowan, I think I'm going to resubscribe soon.


I'm a rowan newbie...but I do love their mags.

I really am digging the one from the UK called simply knitting

(ebay seller woolnlove)

I voted other ;)

have a good weekend!!!

Plain Jane

I no longer subscribe to any knitting magazine since I let my subscription to Knitters lapse. IMHO, all knitting magazines are far too expensive. There's a lot of good stuff on line and inter-library loan enables me to check out most books. I did purchase Elizabeth Zimmerman's books because they contain a lot of techniques for designing my own patterns.


That shawl looks an awful lot like the Baltic Sea Stole pattern that's distributed by Fiber Trends (well, except for the edging). I just finished knitting the Baltic Sea Stole and loved it. So now I'm curious to see the Vogue pattern. If it's as nice as the Baltic Sea Stole, the issue is worth it just for that one pattern.

jillian neary

I agree, and recently ranted on my own blog, about the lack of original and desirable patterns in most of the knitting mags on the market. I love Interweave, and am also on the verge of subscribing to Rowan. I say go for it, I am. I'll be your enabler!


You know, I don't subscribe to any knitting magazines anymore. When I am at a yarn shop, or my local newstand (LOTS of needleworkers where I live, if there is one listed in your poll that looks interesting, I buy it.
I don't feel stuck.


Vogue Fall '05 for once I wasn't disappointed. I was/am totally captivated by Annie Modesitt's Twisted Float Shrug/cardi and even though I wouldn't make it for myself I also loved the Koigu skirt, Oh! and the colorwork shawl. Funny how differently we all see this isn't it!?!


I'm with Teresa. I think this is the best Vogue I've ever seen. The colors are rich, deeper shades and I can't get enough of them. The cover shrug is gorgeous. Not your typical boring shrug. I really didn't care much for the last two Rowan's, although I still subscribe. Interweave, eh. Too so-so to me.

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