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Sunday, July 17, 2005



Ooh, yummy! (The scones and the fiber.) I love the King Arthur flour company--thye have great stuff.


I can't wait for the retreat this winter. I knit with Dee at Barnes and Noble. :)


I can't wait to see the new bag!


A little fibre consumer therapy can be good for the soul! Isn't merino fun? It looks like it's a cinch to draft, can't wait to see how it looks when you're done!


oooh - you've got the same wheel as me. I have a lot of problems with the flyer falling off as soon as I start to spin, any ideas what I'm doing wrong? the fiber looks gorgeous, I cant wait to see what it looks like all spun up..


It sounds like you had a nice weekend! Those scones look FAB! I cannot wait to see the new bag!!! Your patterns just rock.


Yummy. I love scones. Yummy fiber too. I really need to get a spinning wheel!


I must clarify that, in saying "forage", Julie does not mean to imply gathering wild mulberries or chestnuts, hunting for venison or drawing fresh water from a pristine mountain stream. In using that word, she's being rather kind to me. Instead, my foraging generally consists of nothing more than getting in the car and driving to the doughnut shop.


I love making scones and yours look yummy...what recipe do you use. Can't wait to see the new yarn and REALLY can't wait to see the new bag...I need to finish my Elizabeth so I can start on Carroll...take care


King Arthur scones rock! I live in Vt and my mom and I make the trek to their kitchen store in Norwich at least a couple times a year...I always stock up on the scone and biscotti mixes.... I could make them from scratch but King Arthur makes it soo easy...I love them all! They have the best customer apprechiation day sales! I usually get lazy and make the drop scones type... Yours looks so neat and perfect.


The Fold is fiber nirvana! I almost succumbed to sensory overload on my first visit. Well worth the drive!


The scones look tasty. And that fiber! I love all the colors, and it looks so shiny. Hurry up and ply already :)


The roving is gorgeous. Love the new bag!

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