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Friday, July 29, 2005



This poll was very interesting. I voted for IK, but VK is a close second. I do agree the last few issues have less patterns that I want to knit myself, but I still enjoy the magazine on a whole (and I am trying to get those lovely last year issues via eBay!!).


I totally agree with the Poll...so much that I went and subscribed to Rowan again...I have let my subscription lapse this past year. Have a great weekend.


I just subscribed to IK so I'm glad to see it's well received. The fall issue has a couple of cute things that I'm adding to my list.


As much as I love the Rowan, the magazines are just so damn expensive. I do like some of the stuff in Vogue, but IK seems more consistant in number of cute things.


I agree with the IK vote. And Vogue Knitting is running second. Poor Knitter's is getting "out there" and they may never be able to reign it back in!

Elizabeth H.

What - no Knitters Magazine on the poll?


Is it strange that I'm excited that the one I voted for won?


IK is overall my favorite, although VK and Knitter's come in a close second. Rowan has some pretty fab things too.

It's a bit sad about Cast On, but I just don't like most of the patterns.


I'm surprised that Knitters magazine didn't make your poll. While I like the pretty pictures in IK, I find more to knit in Vogue Knitting, and I *always* find things in Knitters. It is my favorite magazine! I buy the back issues whenever I can, and the subscription is going to be my birthday gift to myself.

Interweave just doesn't normally have things I would knit in real life. Well, with the exception of the sock patterns. I love the socks. And some of the scarves.


I too voted for IK and I'm saddened by Cast On's lack of support. I love Cast On for the techincal articles but the patterns are usually real dogs! And Vogue will NEVER get my $$ when their idea of XL = 40" ....um, not in the REAL WORLD, Vogue!!!


I bought the latest Vogue for the Deborah Newton shawl too. I'm disappointed that the wavy lace pattern isn't charted though. I plan to use Classic Elite Lush and try to either find a chart of the pattern in one of my books or chart it myself.

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