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Saturday, September 03, 2005



LOL Julie - when I get stressed out I get in to mega organizational mode - whether it be my desk, my kitchen cabinets, whatever is in most need. 3 years worth of archives may take a while but when it's all done, you will be a happy camper for sure!

Go You!


Uhm. You can probably categorize without republishing every single time. Can you?
In movable type, it is called power-editing mode. It lets you change categories, titles, date, and etc all in the same page for multiple entries.


That's one of the features I so wish I had. If only I wasn't so darn cheap/broke haha


When I switched to Wordpad, I started using categories. I quickly gave up on trying to recategorize all my posts - I went back a few weeks and called it all good. But I'm highly lazy. :)


That seems like a daunting task! I don't think I'd be up for it.

Teresa C

I wish I'd started from the beginning with categories as well. Now I just figure, whatever!


Captions are great...I don't think I have that option! :(


Categories are great...I don't think I have that option! :(


I remember years ago when "categories" were first introduced, and I wondered what I would ever use them for. Now I can't live without them! Good luck with your category organizing spree! :D

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