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Friday, September 30, 2005



ohhh jealousy over here, I still have my crappy, 10 stitch, $100 walmart machine! But at least it works...I'll get by. Looking forward to seeing more sewing, which reminds me I have a few bags to finish...


So fun! I wish I had a room that I could just leave me old dinosaur machine up all the time so I could just jump on it whenever the mood hit me. Enjoy yours! I'm looking forward to your increased craftyness!


How neat! Good for you! The heating pad cover looks great.


Pfaffs super rock! you're a lucky lady!


Oh, you'll love it! I have a Pfaff from a couple of years ago and never have had a single problem with it.


Before I got my new sewing machine (a Janome) I used my Mother's 70's Kenwood! They are good machines and good workhorses but it's so nice to have a new machine that doesn't argue with you quite so much!

Happy sewing!


Good for you. Enjoy the new toy! with all this sewing going on, I'm tempted to get me a new machine too. I'm using a handmedown as well, when I'm not using a cheapomatic one. I guess the machine does make a difference.


I have a pfaff too, they're great! Good luck with your sewing!


Awesome, it's a dream machine, have fun creating!


Ooh ... I'm a Pfaff owner too. I love mine. :)


Ohhh how great! You will love it. I just bought a Janome 6500 an upgrade from a $100 machine and could just kick myself that I didn't do it sooner. enjoy!

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