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Tuesday, September 13, 2005



Thanks for tagging me, Julie! I was tagged with this meme in August; you can see the responses in my Aug. 4 and 6 entries (I didn't answer all of them.) You've had some major happy life changes in the past 10 years. While 'random blogging' this week, I saw a neat meme with a long list of books that you are to mark as having read, partially read, or plan to read. Of course I forget where I saw it, but if anyone comes across it I'd like to be tagged!


What an honor. Guess that means I'll actually have to post sometime soon huh?


I just got tagged for this meme too and I pick the exact thing to do with my $100 million...open a yarn/coffeshop/bookstore! I didn't think of an animal shelter but I love that idea too! Oh, to actually have the 100 mil!

Teresa C

Thanks for tagging me! (I think ;)).

I'll try to get to it over the weekend or the beginning of next week. Five songs I know all the words to? Man! My mind is so mushy I doubt I can narrow it down and will have to start singing through every one to see if I really do know all the words. This could take awhile!



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