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Monday, October 17, 2005



a machine that sews the buttons on. You have got to be kidding!!
That I could use!

Hey it's a machine.. perhaps even my husband could use it..hehehheheh

Hey have you watched Little Einsteins on Disney yet with Maddie? It's really excellent might be a little addition to homeschooling!!


I *heart* Pfaff too. I learned to sew on my mom's Pfaff back in the early 70's, and when I moved out on my own, one of my first "big" purchases was a Pfaff. I still have it today, and don't know what I'd do without it!


Your sewing projects are so inspiring! Where do you get your fabric? Would you mind posting a pic of this bias binding foot? I have several different feet for my paff, I wonder if I already have one and don't know it!


Harumph. I *still* say the name "KnitCrit" is better.


I always try and make sure now that I use buttons that my machine can sew on, it's great fun! :o)


Thanks for all of your Pfaff info last week...I am getting one this weekend! Went shopping on Saturday to check them out, and today, they offered me the floor model of a discontinued one at a super discount (It's a LifeStyle). I can't wait to get sewing!


Wow, that bag is AWESOME. Love the fabrics, love the shape, love the pockets. Kudos!

I keep meaning to use my sewing machine more, but you have to really pay attention when sewing. Unlike knitting where you can read or watch a movie while you make a beautiful garment.

shh its a secret

I wish I had such great backtack progress to show... I am having a creative block.... Shh.. don't tell my partner... Oh wait thats you:)

You bag turned out lovely! Wow. I better get to work, time is running out:)


Is it possible to have too many knitting books?? Nah, I didn't think so! I keep telling myself I have enough, and yet, still, more keep showing up on my shelf . . . I have NO idea how!


You really are talented, these bags are wonderful and the colors just pop! I love books too and I find myself buying them almost as often as I buy fiber...I'll be in the poor house soon...but at least I'll be happy.


I'm waiting anxiously for your bias binding tutorial. You did an awesome job on those two. I love the colors. Yaay sewing :)


It sews on buttons! What a wonderful feature! Beautiful new stuff you are creating. Love the bags.

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