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Monday, October 03, 2005



Loving the new bag. But I do love, love, love me a pink purse. Way to go!

Dena Childs

What an amazingly cute little bag. It looks so professional. And I have to say not being a fan of pink, I still love the fabric.


The bag is really stylish! Nice job.


Ugh, bias binding sucks! I made a purse from a pattern that called for it and I had no idea what to do with it, so I just sorta made it up. It looks pretty bad. If you find any good sewing books, let us know!

The pouch is cute!!


We've always done mac-n-cheese with either Cheese Whiz or Velveeta--never with, you know, real cheese! But I gotta say . . . it's one of the few foods that I actually prefer the "fake" version of. Probably because it's the kind I grew up on. I guess there are just some flavors that you can't be too "purist" about. Yours sounds good, though!


I love that bag, the fabric is so cute. Just adorable. It sounds like you had a great domestic weekend. Sewing and cooking sounds good to me. I haven't tried making homemade mac and cheese before. Someone else was just talking about that the other day. I might have to try it soon.


Adorable bag! Perfect for, ummm, knitting notions! Perhaps you should sell them (hint hint). I am sewing illiterate, so no sewing book suggestions from me :(


The bag is great, the fabric is so cute - very retro. Those seams are amazing, How in the world did you get them so straight and tiny?


Bravo! Looks like the Pfaff was a good choice!


The bag is awesome!! You are a very good seamstress - I'm impressed!


You make it look way too easy.


I have a pfaff too and I love it very, very much.
Love that bag too, great work !


Great bag! The book most often recommended for comprehensive-ness is the New Complete Guide to Sewing by Reader's Digest. It's got great pictures and covers a huge range of techniques. Enjoy!


why would you need a basic sewing book anyway??? Looks pretty professional to me...
not to mention"SPOT ON!" ( i cant believe I was the first to get to say it!!)looks great!! just fab!!


That's a niffy bag! Cute! Love the fabric, it's pretty.


love the pouch - looks fantastic -


cute bag :-) now i'm dying for a donut!


What a cute bag! Way to go! your inspiring being so 'domestic' and all :) In the fall I tend to fall that way...it's nice. Sorry I don't have any recommendation for you...

Another Julie

[Fade in: Serious cooing over your adorable new bag.] Love your wee pouch! And I want to second JulieB's Reader's Digest sewing book recommendation. I took a sewing class in college and that's the book we used as our text. Nice photos, for sure.


i wish i could do zippers like that! are you sure you need a sewing book!?


Oh my! That is one nice machine! Just in time for Halloween costumes!


Would you mind sharing the specs (or at least the model name/number) of your Pfaff? I'm in the market for a new machine, and have been told I could get one for my birthday or Christmas this year (yay!). So I'm trying to find out what are the best ones out there!


Girl you've got "Skiillls"...lol that pouch is gorgeous!!!


You made this?! I'm in awe!!

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