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Thursday, October 13, 2005



Ikea shopping trips are the best!


Isn't that the third one in your metropolitan area? Not fair! We want one down here in the heartland!


IKEA is so much fun. I only wish there were one near me in Colorado. Great shopping finds!


Be forwarned, having an IKEA close to you is incredibly dangerous. I've had one near me for about a year now and it's very addictive just to drop in after work. (Great time to stop in though, nearly have the place to myself!)


Ikea is so dangerous, I can spend hours and hours and hundreds of dollars in there, and when I leave my only regret is not having a larger car!


DH & I love IKEA!

It makes for a great day! Shopping, LOTS of walking, FUN!!!

We still have a leather couch we got in the "As Is" room, about 10 years ago. Who cares if the cat has his way with it?


They give you a whole hour at your Ikea? I used to work at an Ikea (and my husband still does) and the Ballroom time limit is 30 minutes. And you'd be surprised how many people don't pick up their kids on time. Parents are constantly summoned over the PA to fetch their kids.

For the life of me I will never understand why Ikea seems to advertise the play area as a babysitting service while you shop because it's certainly not intended to be one at the store level. I think they should either provide the service or make it clear what they are actually offering.

One time while I still worked there the police had to get involved because some dude dropped his kid off with lunch in her little backpack, and LEFT. He went to work. ?! When they paged him after the 30 minutes were up and he never showed, the kid told them that daddy had gone to work.


I'm so jealous! I really LOVE IKEA but not one store in the whole state. I've driven the 8-hour round trip to WA, but it doesn't leave much time for shopping I've found. I'm still using IKEA furnishing I bought years ago in CA where they have several stores. If the freight charges weren't so high I'd shop online. But even so, the website just doesn't have the ambience or inventory I'm craving. We need more IKEA!!!

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