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Friday, October 07, 2005



Agree!! I usually only find 1 or 2 things of interest in Knit 1 and in the preview for Knitscene I saw a lot (I'm curious about several of the cardigans)


I see a number of things I'd knit in Knit Scene. Thanks for linking to the preview!


Very nice. Nora Gaughn, Veronik Avery and nice patterns for the men. I'll be looking for this mag at my LYS.


You are so on the pulse of things. Believe it or not, I had the release date of this mag in my i-cal!! But I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else. It does seem much better than Knit-1. That mag was trying WAAAYYYY too hard!


I really like some of these. I also like how they give you the materials list and list all of the patterns. I'll have to check this one out. Thanks for the peep show :)



My LYS got theirs in a few days ago. It's a gagillion times better than Knit 1.


I'm 30, so I"m not sure my opinion counts, but I thought it was cute. I didn't see anything I was dying to knit, but it is better than Knit 1.


Oooo!! These designs are nice, and yes, better than knit1. The good thing about knit1 though is that the patterns called for less expensive yarns. These I'm going to have to sub for.


I'm not crazy about the layout. They have several small shots of each design which makes them difficult to see. And the set up is VK-style, numbered photos of all the designs up front with all the patterns in the back. Oh yeah, and they only feature Tahki and Classic Elite yarns.


OMG, just from the preview it is 4672 times better than knit1! I mean, some of the stuff in knit1 is hideous, yeah?


I think it's pretty good myself, there's lots of stuff, but pleny of stuff that I don't like as well. I'm just happy that the previews are better than the regular IK ones.


I picked up my copy at my LYS on Wednesday and was excited about a few of the patterns. BUT... when I got to the back to look for the patterns some of them said "web only." I went online and found out that you can't get the patterns until Oct. 14 (I think). I was not very happy at that point.

Is the pattern going to be online 5 or 10 years from now? And why should I buy a magazine to have to then go online to print the pattern? It's really just the principal of it that ticks me off. When I mentioned this at my LYS yesterday, the ladies there were not too happy about it either. I plan on emailing them and I hope more people complain so they change it in the future.

In answer to your question, yes, I think it is way better than Knit1.


Definitely some cute stuff in there. I can't stand Knit 1. So much fun-fur!!


It looks like an actual knitter's magazine, not a dabbler's mag.

The pdf icon indicates that the pattern is available for download! So you can check out the content even if you don't buy the mag just yet.


This mag has some really nice projects, and I'm looking forward to it.


I have been so excited about this magazine! I ordered a copy of it and am waiting (im)patiently for it to come!


i thought some of the stuff was very cute, and i like that some of their patterns are available free online (although why you'd buy the magazine at that point ...).


Not that it's very hard to be better than Knit.1, Knitscene looks great. I love that Chanel jacket, and there are a few other things I would make in there as well. Plus, I think it's great that both of the men's sweaters they included are ones that an actual man would wear. Thanks for the link; I hadn't heard a word about it.

knit chick

I paged through this issue at Mosaic Yarn Studio in Des Plaines. I think it is better than Vogue's Knit1. I'm waiting to see if it pops up at Joann's or B&N so I can use my coupon.

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