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Wednesday, November 30, 2005



Very pretty!


Oh, I LOVE them! They're so pretty and unusual. I can't find Trekking anywhere. Waah.


ohh I love them, I'm a big fan of colorful socks and I end up wearing mismatched ones all the time anyway so why not make them like that purposefully!


Spectacular! Gotta love that Trekking.


Beautiful socks!!! They are so cool! I envy sock knitters, because I've never been able to get the hang of it for some reason.
Have a good day!



I've come to enjoy Trekking sock yarn more than any other self striping sock yarn, because although the colors are wild they sort of blend, rather than being a discrete pattern. They are very pretty! Wear them with pride.


AWESOME. I'm doing some Trekking socks right now too, and I love how you get colors in the socks that you couldn't even see in the ball. Fantastic.

I work at a LYS (www.commuknity.com), and I'll have to put in a word to order this colorway. ;)


Those look great! 64 stitches and #1's. Are those a bit tight?

I'm just posting because I had to post after Emy, since commuknity is near my school (my LYS when I drive 25 minutes away for Grad School) and I work at Full Thread Ahead, the newest yarn store in the South Bay :) Commuknity used to hold that title, I think.


Lovely job!


I love them!


those are lovely! i bought some trekking xxl after seeing you work on these. once i get my christmas gifts knitted, i'll start mine. ;)


Yours look much better than mine - mine repeated at the top of the 2nd sock leg, which is why I think they bug me. I might just frog that sock and knit it from the other end of the ball. Maybe then I'll finally finish them!

Thanks for sharing the photograph! I feel inspired again now!

Teresa C

Ooooh, yummy. Don't they feel as good as they look?

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