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Thursday, December 22, 2005



Well, Happy Chrismuhka to you!


Julie - The poor UPS delivery persons are really working hard now adays, Wednesday we got a delivery at 8:30pm and tonight at 7:30p I saw him in our neighborhood again. I hope your new 'puter gets to you very soon.


Working delivery this time of year does indeed suck. I worked for Airborne/DHL as a driver 2 years ago, and every day from Thanksgiving to New Year's is madness. I try to be nice to delivery drivers, especially around Christmas.

That being said, I also have no patience for when they muck it up. I've had endless problems with UPS and their apparent inability to see the apartment number that's written on the package three times. Because I know exactly how the job goes, I know when the delivery person is just being lazy, and I have no sympathy.

But yay for new computers! I'm hoping for a new processor for mine...but I'm not holding my breath.


..oh, just be patient...I've seen my big brown truck running around the neighborhood at 8pm! It's funny though we ARE just like kids..I do the same thing and when they drive past you do have the thought to chase after them!!

Bonne Marie

WOOOHOOO! New Geek Toys! You will make it ROCK! There is almost nothing better than a new box unless it's seeing that box being taken out of the Truck. Love the anticipation...

Happiest Holidays to you and yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!wishing you the very BEST, my friend... :)


My new computer arrived late Wednesday evening. It arrived a day and a half late. We spent two days just looking out the window waiting for the UPS truck to arrive. I LOVE the new computer. It's fast and has an enormous screen. But I have holiday knitting to finish up so I can't play with it too much yet. But we just got Delicious Library and my husband is obsessed with scanning in our whole library of DVDs, CDs, and books.


Glad to hear that it arrived!! Interesting visual of you sitting, waiting for the UPS truck for two days. :) I would've been waiting and wiggling with excitement, too.

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