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Monday, December 05, 2005



I forgot to mention this before, but the traditional prize in one of the Minneapolis ski races is a Dala Horse. A friend of mine had several [if I remember they give everyone who participates one but I could be totally wrong.]


The Blue one was actually not given to me until just a few years ago--probably after I complained about never having my own Dala Horse as a child.


I have an itty bitty red Dala Horse (like the small ones in your picture) that a friend brought back for me after a year in Europe. Maybe I'll need to bring it downstairs to join the Christmas party. Do they have special holiday significance?


The folks in Mora, MN, claim that their Dala Horse is the largest in the world. http://worldslongestbeach.com/list.html


Very pretty. I don't think I've seen a Dala Horse at my in-laws' house, but next time I'm there I'll look for one.


Just found this while shopping for my daughter - thought you would like..



We have several Dala Horses that were carved by my Grandfather and his brothers. I was always told they started as a homemade toy that turned into a marketable Folk-craft.

I don't associate them with a particular holiday, but Christmas is a great excuse to get out the collection and show it off!

When I was little, I always put my little dala horses in the nativity set up..

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