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Monday, February 06, 2006



Glad to hear you got some good relaxation time in! many of the Morehouse shawl and scarf patterns are so pretty, including Melody, of course:)


PseudoMelody (Unsung Melody? Unchained Melody? Sorry...) looks very intriguing - it'll be interesting to see what it looks like. Hmm, I bet that Morehouse Merino book will be good *makes mental note*. Yes, do tell about the books!


That Morehouse colorway is gorgeous! I actually bought a Melody kit at Rhinebeck last October but haven't even looked at the pattern yet. I think it will be my "traveling" knitting project for the summer, when we do lots of drives.


Oh you have some of my favorites in that stack. You've got some great reading time ahead, Julie.


I can't wait for the Merino Morehouse book to come out too! I love there yarn and patterns. Since the patterns are pretty simple they're very relaxing to knit.


How cool....I didn't realize that Morehouse was putting a book out. Yes, I plan on being at their open house again this year too ;-)


I admire your chutzpah/bravery/craziness for casting on with no pattern and insufficient yarn. I'm sure it will turn out swimmingly.


I recommended "Wicked" and "The Bread Bible". I am waiting for Son of Wicked right now.


Aaaaah...Peace Like a River is my FAVORITE book of the last four years or so. It's stuck with me like little else has, and I've given many copies as a gift. I hope you like it.

-Lynn in Tucson

Kristi aka Fiber Fool

Oooo, I've read the top two on your pile there and *loved* them! Happy reading!


Plainsong is one of my three favorite books to give people, along with Barbara Kingsolver's Prodigal Summer and The Magician's Assistant by Ann Patchett. I can't exactly tell you why, but man, I love it. Have fun :)

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