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Thursday, May 04, 2006



Hope to see you there! Have a safe trip!


hope you had a great time at KIP! and enjoy your trip to MS&W.

Lizzy B

I look forward to meeting you and Theresa on Saturday! (Sometime anyway...) :)


Have a fiber-ous weekend Julie! Safe travels and hopefully I will get there next year.


nice meeting you last night, julie! have a great time at md s& w.


godspeed by the way that picture is great!


...of course, I read this after the fact! Too bad I missed you there. Maybe next time? :)

Hope you had fun!


Oh, no. How did I miss you at MSW? Did you go to the knitblogger's meetup on Saturday (maybe I did meet you after all - it was all such a rush)?

I had a great time, met some great people, and bought some great stuff. So it was, um... great!


I bought everything this weekend EXCEPT shoes. Damn it.

Hope you guys had a good trip home.

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