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Wednesday, May 10, 2006



It might also postpone the pricey full-sized loom purchase for a few more months...


Hmmm... Hmmm... Julie, you're a bad influence on me! What do you plan on making with your squares? I'm almost done with my booga bag, hopefully I'll felt it tonight or tomorrow.


Ooooh I want one. Maybe woven pincushions could be one of your next challenges?

Mama Urchin

Oooh, I love the colors - so autumnal. So what does one do with 6" woven squares?


I have one of those too. I love how handpainted sock yarn tends to come out with a plaid effect. So far I've been using my squares as coasters, but I need to think of something else to do with them soon.


It's a perfectly lovely little square! I looked at those at Rhinebeck but thought, what would I DO with a 6" square and couldn't come up with anything . . . but still . . . instant weaving sounds pretty appealing . . .


I love your little square. I have never seen a weavette before and now I think I want one.
I finally listened to your podcasts and really enjoyed them.


So what will you do with that little woven square? It's really nice!


Nooooooooo! Can you hear me crying in agony here in California? I so do *not* need another craft, with it's own set of paraphernalia, to add to my mountain of stuff! I already looked at it when I spotted it in MSL, but I must. resist. Please help me! I think I need a 12 step program.


Okay, the last thing I need is another fiber hobby, but - so cute!! cosmicpluto has one, too, and I love the little squares she's been weaving. How fast is it? I might decide to pick one up, I've heard they're not that expensive, and if it was quick, it would be a fun way to make an afghan.


I'll be watching to see what you do with these little woven squares. I bought the weavettes a few years ago but never managed to make anything more than a little stack of woven squares. I'm vaguely remembering that I used handspun to try it out.


Like you I've seen them before and have thought they were intriguing but never bought one. I just may have to pick one up the squares are so cute and would be great for all the little bits of leftover yarn.


Oh, I am so addicted to my Weavette. I am starting a little throw out of the little squares I am making (Trekking XXL leftovers)


I bought one of those when they had featured them in Spin Off. Now I have a ton of little squares but haven't really done anything with them!


Very cute! If you have a moment to answer - how easy is it to use?


Looks great! I love the plaid!

I guess you didn't have any problems with the weave being too tight like I did. It too me forever to do a 6-incher and I nearly threw the thing across the room several times.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool

That is gorgeous! I may just have to finally suck up the courage to try the one I got about a month ago now. I read the directions and went, "Huh?" But I suspect it is just a matter of it being something new and if I just sit down with it and take it a line at a time it'll make more sense. Please tell me I'm right... :-)


I love the way it comes out using sock yarn. Something else to try in the future!


I've had one for a few weeks, but haven't taken the time to peruse the book and get going. Your square is great!


When I was a little girl, a friend of my mom's had made her an afghan and I think she must have used the same loom. The afghan was so lovely and what made even more memorable for me was the woman only had one arm. I was so impressed and inspired (I was around 10 at the time). Your color choice, as always, is so pretty.


Adorable! I love the colors of your square.


yay! I was at MSW, too and I kept looking at groups of ladies wondering if it was you! I love the stash of goodies you came away with. that weaverette is wonderful! it reminds me of making potholders when I was little. And like everyone else, I can't wait to see what you make with the squares..


I didn't even know that they'd been rereleased. I was at the Carolina Homespun booth, talking to EiKnits about my desire for one when the woman at the register showed them to me. I can't begin to tell you how excited I was to find them. I'm having second thoughts about only buying the 2" though. I wish I'd bought a couple of sizes. I've been weaving up little squares of my handspun so far. What fun! Thanks for the link for the company with free shipping. You're such the enabler!

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