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Thursday, May 11, 2006



Okay so that's another underutilized gadget that I have in my collection as well. I might have to find which box I put it in too. I'd like to save my pennies for one of Mr. Golding's extraordinary spinning wheels! I tried that triple flyer number at Rhinebeck two years ago and fell deeply and madly in love. Someday.

The Purloined Letter

Looks like fun!


Oh, I walked past those lucets three times. Now I wish I had stopped!


I have a nice, simple little maple lucet which I like but don't often have a use for . . . but it's such a soothing little thing to do for such a nice result.

And, Golding? Oh . . . I don't weave (yet) but love his looms, and his spinning wheels? Works of art. Really. You could have one sitting under a spotlight in your living room and even the people who don't get excited about spinning wheels would stop to admire the gorgeousness . . . sigh . . .


thanks!! I bought one at MS&W too--but alas, not a Golding-- I had yet to figure it out! (I did buy a 2" Golding drop spindle though--weren't those things gorgeous!!!??)(The little conscious guys kept saying...
don't go back--go back--don't go back--go back)


Wheeee!!! I'm having fun watching the posts of your new toys!

Somehow i think i overlooked all of the cool stuff by being overwhelmed by my first Fiber Fest.

I did buy a beginners drop spindle and some roving...am not touching it until i finish a few of the current projects! But it keeps looking at me!!



I have a lucet too (also from the Lucet Lady) it's kind of a deep purply kind of wood (something African, I think) very pretty. I don't use it as much as I'd like but I love the cord it makes!


OMG - your post has perfect timing for me! I had picked up a small (no handle) lucet for my nephew, who's into all things braided and woven. But I didn't get instructions, and I need to learn it to show him. I kept meaning to look up instructions - and then WHAM! Lookie what you're up to!

So much Thanks from me! Now I am excited (and may have to buy one for myself.. hee)!

judy margo

Hi! A friend made me a lucet and I just received it in the mail. I am having trouble trying to use it, I have looked at all sorts of instructions and am really confused. Help me please.....

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