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Monday, August 07, 2006


Sheepish Annie

Your reference to the Marathon Bar brought back pleasant memories of hopping on my bike on allowance day to head to the corner store for that particular treat. And what is a Marathon if not a cable??? The perfect knitters candy!


Don't know how long Curly Wuerlies have been made,but they were a favourite of my brother and I in the late 1960s and early 1970s. A British sweet ! [candy,to translate !]



There you go ! Can't have eaten it before 1971,but I knew it wasn't a relacement for an American bar !!!
I'll calm down now ! And yes,they used to be bigger. ;-]


Ahh, World Market! We stopped there yesterday for a refill on the Arnott's biscuits. It is about bloody time TimTams were made available in the US.


Tim Tams may, in theory, be a biscuit (cookie), but they're more chocolatey than some chocolate bars. Enjoy!


omg! what are you trying to do to me!?!
where can i get one of these bars? because, you know, i'm allowed minimal amts of chocolate, and, with the addition of nuts, it makes it even better for me to have - true, ask Dr. Agatston....
seriously, where?


There's a secret to eating Tim Tams that may not be well know outside Australia. You bite off diagonal corners & suck your coffee/hot chocolate through them ... absolutely divine!


OH MY!! Drooling over here with all those yummy candy!


cafe tasse were the chocolates served with coffe the night my husband proposed.

Gillian Greding

LOVE your taste in candy! ENJOY!


You're going to LOVE the Violet Crumble.


I love Cafe Tasse bars. :) Have you tried the Caffe and Mint flavors? All quite delicious.

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