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Friday, August 11, 2006



The socks are so cute! And what a good mommy to promise more :)

The Purloined Letter

Great socks! Your daughter looks so cute in them!

Joan Hamer

I haven't used the heavyweight STR but I knit my Nature Spun worsted socks on 48 sts with a size 3 needle.


I started a pair of STR in heavyweight several months back on size 3 US needles, 52 stitches, and 2x2 rib. I have large-ish feet so that mix when it comes to a heavier yarn works well for me. I ended up ripping back the socks tho because I couldn't see myself knitting socks that heavy in June.


Love the socks!


Hi Julie,

Those litte legs and those little socks are adorable!

I was wondering if you could explain what it is about the new heel turn that you like.


Not sure how thick the STR are, but I have knit Knitty's Thuja with Lornas' Laces Worsted - only 44 stitches


They look great!

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