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Saturday, September 23, 2006



Chuckle. I think I've found this one in the Whole Foods on North Ave. And John walks home by that Intelligentsia every day, so if you need help doing some procurement, let me know.


Wow. That sounds yum! Vosges is the absolute best chocolate I've ever eaten, although I am a dark rather than a milk girl. My favorite is the Black Pearl Bar, with ginger, wasabi and black sesame seeds in dark, dark chocolate. It's amazing. And if it makes you feel any better, I've paid like $8 or 9 before!


ooh...if you like salty-sweet, Teaism in DC makes salty oat cookies...basically, they're oatmeal raisin cookies with sea salt sprinkled on top. Someone tried to make them and posted the recipe at this link on dcist.com:

Also, the other day I saw a bar of chocolate called "art bar", $7 and each bar comes with a reproduced work of art (collector card) inside. fun idea!


Yes, there's a whole Vosges store out here on the Magnificent Mile. I like their chocolate pretty well, but too much of the price, IMO, is for the name rather than the taste. I like Vosges most when they put the extremely odd stuff in their chocolate--I can get a great chocolate-and-caramel or chocolate-and-espresso in more than one place, but as far as I know no one else puts wasabi in their chocolate.


That sounds fabulous!

I think the price of almonds is up pretty high right now - I was looking at peanut butter alternatives the other day and a jar of almond butter was $10! vs. $5 for cashew butter. Maybe that's part of the reason for the high price.


For those of us in small (1200 people) communities, how do you find out about all these wonderful chocolates? Once we find out about them, there is always the Internet.... thank you for helping us out!


You talk like eating it in four days was EXTRAVAGANT. I'd have the whole damn thing done in one night. You kiddin'?! It sounds amazingly decadent, but I know no restraint.


ooooo I wanna get me some of these!!


Chocolate is good! :)


I just had my 1st Vosges chocolate bar, the Woolloomooloo. Yea, try saying that even one time fast...
It was very good!

Kristin La Flamme

If you like interesting chocolate. you should try the Weihnachts Chocolade from Lindt. It's chocolate with cinamon and corriander mixed in, plus almond for good measure. My favorite variation is the almonds covered in the spiced chocolate. I think you can get this at World Market.

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