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Wednesday, September 27, 2006



Lucky you! What do I have to bring back from Hawaii for you to convince you to save a little taste of the white chocolate for me? Grin.

Mama Urchin

looks yummy!


You are so lucky!! I can't wait to hear about the hot cocoa.


they send you chocolate because they found out you like it?! Wow! That's amazing. Why don't Noro and Koigu and Rowan do the same!!!


Wow I am so jealous! I still have not found the white chocolate bars!


Now THAT is nice! What a great surprise! I think you'll like the ginger bar - I seem to remember enjoying it thoroughly.


What a surprise, a box full of chocolates! Yummy, Yummy


I love these people! I went to a talk at the International Associatino of Culinary Professionals conference this year on chocolate and their founder was there. Quite intriguing! My current favorite is Maya Gold. YUM!


Ooh, sign me up. I'll start reviewing chocolate on my blog, too!


(wipes drool off computer screen)


that's like winning the lotto! green&black's expresso is my favorite chocolate of all time. i always have at least 4 bars in my fridge.


Holy moley!! It's a chocolate gold mine! It makes me like G&B even more :)


how awesome is that? wow! i'm stunned just by the picture! you must have flipped out!


You lucky lucky lucky gal! I have nothing else to say!! =)


That much chocolate would be dangerous in my house! Yummmmm!

Lizzy B

Your chocolate reviews are really good, and I don't even like chocolate! :)

Although the idea of a ginger bar excites me. :)

Congrats on the big sampler!

Mama Urchin

So the free advertising worked. Green and Black's was on sale at my market this morning so I bought a few bars.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool

Oooo, we've had the Ginger and you are in for a treat I think! Enjoy! I can't wait to hear about some of the others we haven't tried yet...

Rosemary Capitolo

I love ginger!!!(We have See's candy here in California and I buy their chocolate covered ginger) I went on Green and Blacks web site and they sell it at Target. Target??? Who knew? I want a box to just appear at my door, but then I don't have a blog. Lucky you.


You LUCKY DUCK!!! Ginger bar? I just died. Wow, where does one sign up for this duty? I could definitely handle that. :)


I think I see a 70% dark bar peeking out in the back row. This is my favorite "diet" chocolate: the chocolate flavor is so intense I can only eat 1 or 2 tiny squares at a time, for very few calories. Thanks to Green & Black, for a guiltless treat!


L..O..V..E....Green & Blacks hot cocoa. Lovely choclate flavor...but not too sweet. Yum. I have been finding their choclate bars at Target. But the cocoa was brought home during a visit to the UK or Canada...my kiddos just polished off the jar this past week. Must find more...

In the meantime am consoling myself with Mexican Chocolate (Ibarra's or Abuelta) which comes in disks that you must crush and froth in hot milk. Yummy Yummy too!


Where can I buy Ibarra chocolate in the US? Am in Mexico now at a resort and can't find it here. Read about Ibarra in Bon Appetit so Mexican Chef made us Ibarra hot chocolate for breakfast. Yum!

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