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Friday, September 08, 2006



Interesting review on the Aussie candy bar. Selections in mass produced bars are so limited where I live currently that its actually a treat to go home and have awesome chocolate.

Looking forward to more reviews.


The Violet Crumble sounds delicious. I tried a Green & Black's Mint and was disappointed. The center was too mint and the chocolate flavor didn't match the intensity.


I'll check my grocery store for the butterscotch next time I'm there. I haven't tried the caramel, but I often avoid milk chocolate these days.


I picked up a Violet Crumble in England and liked it as well :) I must agree, that I have been less than impressed with the Green & Black chocolates. They're too sweet for me-- even the dark chocolates. I've tried the espresso and the mint, and both were eh.


I'll have to try the violet crumble sometime, they have them at the import store I buy my Double Decker bars at. I'm addicted to Double Decker bars since my former roommate started mailing me them from Scotland. Now that she's back, I have to get them for $2 a pop from the import store, making them a once in a while candy. I also like Curly Whirly bars, which are pretty much a random drizzle of carmel dipped in chocolate. Yum.


The Violet Crumble sounds like it's definitely worth a try -- I see them sometimes, and think, no, it will taste like flowers, or some silly thing. Maybe next time I'll pick one up.


The crumble is meant to be a honeycomb flavour.
It is a delicious bar and a firm favourite. It can be a little messy though if you are not expecting the way it breaks.
I love Australia!

Tania A

I love G&B's Maya Gold and their regular dark chocolate .. but I'm incredibly fond of anything supremely dark anyway, so that's not a shock. ;)


soemone sent me some from Scotland and they are yuumy!! I've never seen them at the sstores here yet.... Soon I hope.. BTW your teasing me since I'm fresh out of chocolate right now!


Violet Crumbles are awesome. I think I may have to go to the shop and get one. I haven't had one for ages. We do have some really yummy chockies here in Aus.


I'm not sure where you're located- I haven't been reading that long- but if you're anywhere near a Meijer they have them in their "ethnic" foods area. Ethnic really needs quotes because in the Italian area they have jars of Ragu and in the Mexican area there's Ortega stuff. I think I've seen the Violet Crumbles there, though.


How funny - I was at teh hospital the other day while my aunt had surgery and was paging through many magazines and in one of them was an article about a family that taste tests chocolates as a family fun activity! Their friends and relatives bring back chocolate from their travels and this family samples them and keeps a journal. It may have been in Family Fun or Parenting. They said that their family motto - thanks to Violet Crumbles - is "It's the way it shatters that matters."

Jal J

Violet Crumble is DELISH! I had my first one in Bristol, England, but Nestle packages it as a "Crunchie" bar (same product, different name). Whenever co-workers had to go to England on business, I'd beg them to bring me back some Crunchie bars. Yum!


Ahhh Crunchies!
Here the slogan is:
"Thank Crunchie it's friday!"

yummy. and Double Deckers too!

If you're looking for (IMHO) the *best* chocolate & mint combo, it has to be Bendicks Bittermints. Absolutely divine!

If you'd like some chocolate shipped over, I can oblige - G&B, Crunchie, double decker, curly wurly... I might have to ask you to ship some Knitpicks needles over in return though! - I really really want a set & they don't ship to the UK :(

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