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Thursday, October 12, 2006



ok, I'M NOT VOLUNTEERING...I just think it's funny, everyone wants to join, including me, but no one wants the responsibility of taking over. I empathize with you dear. That is one monstrous job you have going.


Julie, I can totally understand being overwhelmed with it all and wanting to simplify. And while I would love to volunteer, I'm still getting my life back on course after the recent changes. Is there another option between the all or nothing? Maybe sharing the Ring Mom duties with someone else (or two)? I would certainly volunteer to lend a hand in the checking of applicants and the like.


Okay. I'm not volunteering - yet - but tell us what exactly being ring-mom entails. How much programming/HTML skill do I need? Etc. And maybe estimate how many hours a week you'd need to make it all go.


I'm thinking about it. I'm insane.


Man, I hear you. I used to read, too... oh, what, 4 years ago? I was going to suggest the same thing Risa did, is it possible for you to share the duties with someone else? Good luck, and take deep breaths. That's what I do!


I'm crazy too as I'm definitely considering it. What a big and wonderful job you've done it would be hard to keep up with you.

sarah b.

Add me to the list of folks who want to know what it entails, in case you don't post the info on the blog. I can totally understand the need to downsize.


My dear, you have soooo put in your time! I hope this decision leaves you with the emotional, intellectual and logistical space for wonderful creations.


if you still need help let me know


Let me know if I can help.

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