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Friday, November 10, 2006



Whenever I look at the Green&Black label I read 'organic' as 'orgasmic'. Which I suppose says something Freudian about my thoughts on chocolate...

Lately I've been eating the new Hershey 'special reserve' high cacao content bars, especially the milk chocolate with hazelnuts. It's not bad for decent chocolate on the cheap.


I've tried several of Green and Blacks bars and I have to say that the Maya Gold bar is my favorite. As you note, they really manage to balance the bitter chocolate with complementary and contrasting flavors. There's always a Maya Gold bar at work for the bad days...


You've really got to stop doing this . . . all I have in the house is Hershey's leftover from Halloween!


I'm eating M&M's right now, because thats the only thing in my room right now...no...no mint, no ginger...siiiiiighh...


My favorite is definitely the one with the orange and spices. But I do like the Ginger one, too.


LoL, as soon as I saw started reading your post, I opened my desk drawer and pulled out my bar of Green & Black's Espresso. Tried it yet?

Rosemary Capitolo

Stopped at Target this evening after a movie and dinner. (Today was the 45th anniversary of the day we met) I tried the chocolate. They only had the Maya Gold and Espresso. Both are delicious. There was another chocolate bar. The brand was called "Chocolove" and they had a crystallized ginger in belgian dark chocolate. Inside the wrapper was a love poem. In mine was "To the Invisible Girl" by Thomas Moore. Quite apropos for an anniversary. It ended with the line: "You shall for ever be in my heart and my mind." Sigh, sigh, sigh. Thanks for the chocolate tip. My thighs thank you as well. Jiggle, jiggle.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool

I *love* the ginger bar from them. I've seen a few others companies that offer that sort of chocolate bar, but none of them compare to Green 'n Blacks, IMHO!

Thanks for the report. I definitely haven't tried their whole line yet so it is nice to have a bit of guide!


I like me a good tea! Thanks for the tip!!


oops brain malfunction.. meant to type chocolate.. but I was just planning to get up and make a cup of tea!! heheheh
I think I am not over my cold quite yet!


my fave is the expesso, very bitter :-)

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