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Wednesday, November 29, 2006



Every time I read your chocolate reviews I crack up! The packaging is mighty pretty so I bet the chocolate inside is just as good! If not better! :P


Once again, you've awakened my chocolate craving. The bar you reviewed sounds delicious!


If you're in Seattle, they offer factory tours.


Mmm that sounds gooooddd.....


I live in Seattle and have toured the Theo factory. The people who work there are the nicest and they give you tons of samples. Yum...


A pretty artistic cover for the bar I must say!


Those wrappers are gorgeous!

Rosemary Capitolo

Another chocolate bar to try!!!!Boy, have you started something. We always go to our place on the Mendocino coast for Thanksgiving. This year all the kids and grandkids were able to come up for the week before. EVERY night the adults had a chocolate tasting!!! We blind tasted the whole line of Green and Blacks and the one we liked best was the Maya Gold. One night our oldest daughter threw in a Hershey bar. We couldn't believe how weird it tasted after the dark chocolates.

Also, my husband and I are listening to Water for Elephants on tape. The two readers are fabulous.

Hope you are feeling better.


Oh sometimes it's so unfair to live in teeny tiny towns...no one carries dark chocolates of foreign nature...especially when you live 45 damn minutes away from Hershey PA! You'd think Hershey was the only chocolate manufacturer on the planet!?!? They smile and point to the Hershey's Special Dark....grrrr, that my friend is not dark, it's darker milk chocolate... Blech!

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