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Monday, January 15, 2007



Meanwhile, our older cat, Mud, reclines warily at a safe distance, unsure what to make of all of this.


Hmmm, I think my dad's Car&Driver collection just might rival that, it would be close!


omg! i need to show your magazine stash/obsession to my husband - then he won't make that disgusted noise when he sees all my magazines....


I LOVE your idea of storing your mags by month! Brilliant! I suppose kind of obvious, but I've never thought of doing that... my talents do not lay in the field of organization! lol


Fellow addict here. Once I discovered how cheap subscriptions are on Ebay, there's no holding me back. But the only ones I save are the knitting magazines. Everything else gets passed on...to my mother, my kids, friends, whoever. There would be no room for me if I kept them. Good luck with your collection. :)

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