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Wednesday, November 14, 2007



Hang tough,... it's SO worth the hassle factor (as I'm sure you're well aware but someone gently reminding you doesn't hurt!). We added on to our house last year and had the floors throughout the house totally refinished this summer. SO FREAKIN AWESOME. I mean like night and day. Congratulations on making it happen!


The chaos that precedes great new things is always so frustrating! I understand how you feel even though my remodeled room was just one tiny bathroom. And the dust... OMG, I just dealt with that in spades helping my mother do some cleaning. ...

I'm looking forward to seeing your new office space. It looks like it will be so lovely and modern but will still fit with the feel of the house.

Hang in there!




Lay in an extra supply of bags for the vacumm cleaner, and get used to the guys tracking dust and dirt in and out of the house. It'll be worth it though!

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