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Tuesday, February 05, 2008



I couldn't agree with your more!!!! I will be crushed if he doesn't win...he's inspiring so many people - one of my bosses flew to Atlanta today to help the campaign - this has just been an amazing election so far and I hope everyone does their part.


I'm a registered Independent and so can't vote in the primaries, but yeah . . . I'm pretty sure I'll be voting Democrat in November, and I'd be happy with either Barack or Hilary. The important thing is that I think either of them could do the job.

(I even think McCain could, if it came to that . . . so long as his ageing body could keep up!)


Yep...I'll be on my way to the polls later today. And I believe Independents can vote Democratic [at least in California]...at least I think they said something about that on the news last night...Deb should go check.


The Vermont primary hasn't happened yet, but it'll be Obama for me. This is the first election I've been nearly-passionate about in my 39 years and while I'd like to see Obama get the Democratic nomination, Hillary would not be so bad. Just please let's get a Dem in the White House.

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