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Wednesday, July 16, 2008



I'm so glad you got the box! Yes, Mom helped me because I have a really hard time with tape--it gets stuck to my fur, and to my teeth, and it all just gets really difficult, so Mom helped me with that part. I don't even think she noticed when I snuck that yarn out of the basket, either--I mean, hey, it sits on top of MY crate, I should get equal share, right? The color was called "Vineyard" and she really liked it, too.

Thanks again for coming to my party! Glad you like the party favor! Bye!

Wags, Chappy


I'm in love with that green bananas colorway! I waaaaaaant!


the green bananas is fabulous!!! you are spinning it beautifully.
i've been spinning like crazy lately, too. not sure why - i'm just drawn to it. i've been really really tryig to get to a finer spin, but sport/dk is about as small as i can go. how do they do it?!?

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