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Monday, December 29, 2008



Can I put a word in for my knitting book review site? www.knittingscholar.com A blog that's all about knitting books, if not specifically about knitting!

And, webrings. I've been wondering about them, too ... I can't remember the last time I got any traffic from one, and, in fact, deleted the entire category from my sidebar not too long ago, because it was taking up valuable space and not (apparently) giving any return at all!


I am just re-entering the world of knitting and have been reading this one which I have enjoyed:


I also just signed up with a Yahoo group - Caps for a Cure - to knit hats for people going through chemo.
I look forward to you posts.

Michael akey

I like http://marthasvineyardfiberfarm.com they have a great blog and it looks like a cool farm.


I love any knitting blog with good pics, and references to the pattern (often missing).

Happy new year!

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