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Thursday, July 16, 2009



I keep clicking on that "new" Typepad thingy at the top of my weblogs page, and then I give it a few minutes but ultimately press "change it back" in desperation. I dread when they'll change it for good and I won't get to see my same old screen that I've had for three years. Kinda glad to know someone else doesn't like it either.


I haven't posted since the new Typepad came around. I hated the last upgrade, although things settled down eventually.

You know, I'm spoiled by Ravelry. Great interface, intuitive layout, almost magical. Typepad is only human.

Great table! (We're still using the one my husband's ex-wife's father gave the new couple as a castoff in 1983.)


I haven't yet tried composing a post yet but I do like the new dashboard. Will try posting tomorrow.

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