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Monday, September 28, 2009



Attics and basements are both excellent and scary. But it looks like that room is a lovely place now. Perhaps we shall have to find some time to see if it is a nice room to spin in!


I covet your attic - ours is just rudimentary - not walk up. We do have a basement (I can't imagine living in a house in the Chicago area that didn't have one - very cold in winter.) But walk up attics are so superior in every way - you don't have to worry about damp ruining things you store there & you don't have utility people wanting to change your meter or read it or any number of things they might want to do in a basement & they even seem less scary to me. Maybe it's the happy memories of playing in the boxes of old clothes in our attic with my cousin when I was a little girl.


Lucky you! That looks like a nice space, although I don't envy you the carrying up to the attic.


Excellent! Everyone else does spring cleaning--it takes a real family to do fall cleaning. Good for you. Hope you enjoy the reclaimed space!


It looks great!!! What a difference.

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