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Friday, January 28, 2011



I know you didn't get a crock pot but if things drag on and you get desperate this blog is great and they are all gluten free recipes!


Rowena PHilbeck

Awesome planning. Can't wait to see your new kitchen. I have a list of things I need done in my home but things take time when its just you paying for it. I'm wanting new floors, back privacy fence, plumbing work to do and new counter tops. I'm researching green type counter tops..like recycled glass etc. Man, things have really changed and I love the new looks of things. Have a Great Weekend


Matter of fact, of the five apartments I've lived in, only one had more counter space than our temporary kitchen. The only tricky part about the kitchen is keeping my early-morning getting-ready noise to a minimum while Julie is still asleep, right across the hall.


That little kitchen will make your life so much easier. Good for you for planning ahead.


Chuckle. The espresso machine would have been my first priority too. And probably an electric kettle to heat water for French Press use.

I have an unloved bread machine in my garage if you have some great gluten-free bread recipes you can't live without!

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