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Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Rowena PHilbeck

They are really coming along with the demolition to your kitchen. WOW,,I would hunker down in my home too with the snow that you all are having. We are so far just really cold here. 16 tonight and 0 with the windchill. We are expecting snow here on Friday. Since I'm in Texas we usually don't get much snow in the southern part but looks like we might this time. Here the whole town basically shuts down when something like that happens.


Yes - my bedroom window looks a lot like that & has for about 20 hours now. Did you see the Weather Channel? They did a thing about thundersnow. In fact 2 of their guys (one was Jim Cantore who has been on TWC for ages.) They were standing in the middle of Michigan Avenue (right by the bridge over the river I think) - which was amazing since there was NO traffic at all. In the middle of their talking about incidents of thundersnow having been reported, the entire scene lit up with this ginormous lightening bolt effect & there was a big boom. We had a few incidents of thunder snow here also. Oak Park River Forest High School closed for weather for only the 5th time in 137 years (& believe me, there were times in the 90's with sub zero weather & snow that they should have closed - my daughter had to go to school because she had finals & I was worried sick about her driving the 1 1/4 mile. But the alternative was to walk & that was an even scarier thought.)

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