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Saturday, March 12, 2011



Wow - your new kitchen looks great - I would have loved a center island like yours in our kitchen but the room just isn't big enough. We did sort of get a similar effect by taking out the wall in between the kitchen & dining room & replacing it with cabinets which face the kitchen & have a double wide counter top (sort of like yours but very pale pin) so we can sit on stools on the dining room side of it with hanging cabinets above that have glass doors on both side (so they can be accessed from either room - that's where we keep the dishes & glassware). It's nice but not as useful as yours.


It looks fantastic! I love the center island and the color of the walls. You must be itching to get back in there!


Gorgeous. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Is the white sink porcelain? I hope once you stock up the pantries that you'll take a picture of the insides- I'd love to peek at the shelving. The island is wonderful- perfect for prep work! :D


It looks great! Fingers crossed for speedy finishing.

Rowena PHilbeck

Oh,,it turned out beautiful. It all matches perfectly and the appliances are awesome. GREAT JOB!! Enjoy your lovely kitchen.

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