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Tuesday, March 01, 2011



I'll keep totally out of your way. In fact, I'll be sitting at the island on a bar stool, enjoying a stimulating beverage and giving moral support. And tidying up afterwards.


I looooove the tile you chose for the floor!!

Rowena PHilbeck

WOW you will be very happy to be in that kitchen. Looks really great. I bet you are ready for it to be over. The island looks wonderful. Enjoy and thanks for the pictures.


Both of my daughters redid their kitchens in the past 3 years (& both had to move within a couple of months of finishing them so they didn't get to enjoy them). That tile looks like what my then Naperville daughter used - is it the kind of ceramic tile that looks like slate? I love it. The other daughter bought all her cabinets for Ikea in Bolingbrook & had the same problem as you did - but worse. They didn't tell her when she ordered them but her cabinets had been discontinued so the only things were available were what had already been made. They left out several small finishing pieces (that covered joins or small spaces between the cabinets) & it took weeks to get them & she wasn't even sure that they even had them. I think her contractor (a friend) had to improvise. But Abt was the real PITA. She ordered a very expensive top of the line GE stove which they apparently installed incorrectly which blew fuses, not just in her condo but in the entire bank). It happened when she turned on the burner to show me her cool new stove (one of those flat top stoves). There was a fairly loud crackling noise, a bit of smoke & all the lights went off. Scary! And the only way she finally got results from Abt was to go on Yelp & give them a very negative review spelling out just how many times they had come out to "fix" it & left her with a stove that didn't work. We think that what happened was that Abt tried to save money by having a couple of their employees install the stove (they had wanted to just plug it in but both her father & I had read that electric stoves should be hard wired - as it turns out that is also what the manual said - so they reluctantly did it). We think that they had no idea what they were doing & did something to invalidate the warantee. The manual said that the stove should be installed by an electrician & I'm pretty sure the guys who came weren't electricians. They ended up having to give her a brand new ($1100) stove & I'm pretty sure Abt had to eat the cost of it because they tried to save money by having unqualified guys install it. We thought Abt had a good reputation but I've heard other stories of them giving people a hard time when something didn't work properly right out of the box.

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