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Friday, July 15, 2011



When my son went to college in Florida he said they never had fresh fruit from FL; they shipped it all north! All his oranges came from CA!!


My older daughter went to summer camp in Michigan (between Kalamazoo & Battle Creek). Every year on the way there or back (we would take her one way & her dad & stepmom the other), we would stop at the road side stands & buy flats of berries - blueberries, strawberries & raspberries. They were amazingly tasty & cheap. I made freezer jam (at the time we were living in the city & no AC except one unit which I bought in the living room.) I also think it tastes more like fresh fruit than the cooked kind. But I guess you have to go to Michigan to get good fresh fruit. Don't you have a Farmers' Market near you? There are several near here but the oak Park one is in an area with next to no parking & over a mile away It's also on Saturday morning & you have to get there early to get the best stuff. My arthritis hurts too much for me to be active before about 1 pm. There used to be a lot of small farms near Chicago but they were all bought up & turned into suburban subdivisions (the house my younger daughter & her husband still own in Napreville is in the subdivision that is actually called Old Farm). There is a CSA in Naoerville that you might be interested in for next year but it's more veggies than fruit. There used to be a ton of farmstands in the northwest suburbs & in northwestern Indiana. Don't know if any are left. When my daughter lived in Palo Alto, a lot of the fruit was imported even though they grow much near by.

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