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December 31, 2007

Dallmayr Champagnertrüffel Schokolade


Something new -- chocolate from Germany, namely Dallmayr which has been around since 1700 according to their website.  I tried the Champagnertrüffel Schokolade which is a milk chocolate bar filled with a soft Champagne center. 

The chocolate is exceptionally smooth and very sweet.  At first taste, the chocolate is quite fruity, then as you bite into the center there is a hint of booziness which gives way to a sweet, milky finish.  It was quite enjoyable, but due to its rich flavor I would consider it a desert bar -- not something I would eat every day.   It was a fun little treat for New Year's Eve though! 

May you all enjoy lots of wonderful chocolate in the coming year!


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I think I should add "try different chocolate" to my list of resolutions. I have the bad habit of sticking with the tried and true and I'm probably missing out on great stuff.

Chocolate and booze: probably one of my favourite combinations. Milk chocolate, though?...Not so sure about.

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