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Very cute! Did you do a reading/phonics program with Maddie or did she start reading on her own?



Dang cute! My daughter's 4 1/2. Was it you that suggested I should get her a knitting spool? Hmmmmm.....

And yes, I would like to hear how you got her reading so early. I got a book that a friend is using "Teaching your child to read in 100 easy lessons," but I have been lazy and haven't started yet. I have to get going!!


Crafter and a reader at the age of 5! Good job Maddie! My 7 year old is having a difficult time reading. He does it... but reluctantly. My little girl (who coincidentally is a Madison.) Is just about to turn 5 and is starting to read on her own!

The Purloined Letter

Great job, Maddie! Very cute fish.

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