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Sunday, November 16, 2003



Nice gloves! Now you've got me thinking about making a pair...

I like your thinking about starting the pinky on an earlier row next time (I'm fanatical about things fitting well), and I'm curious about the lengths of the fingers. It looks in the photo like all 4 are the same length; was this in the interests of simplicity like the pinky, or are your fingers all closer to the same length than mine are?


I love your glove.Very pretty.


Niiiice! Totally makes sense about the pinky... if you look at your hand [in general most hands, I think], it starts quite a bit before the other fingers. Can't wait to see the other one! :)


Cute glove, I also have a large amount of Koigu in stash, maybe gloves are the way to go. I've never tried to make them before so I think its time..


Fab gloves. Thanks for giving me some ideas on what to do with the koigu in the stash.


Wow! The glove is GREAT!

That's the first glove I've seen that's made me want to make a pair! I'm off to dig my Winter IW out of the pile of stuff next to my bed!


Awesome glove. I love knitting gloves. I need to get some Koigu!
The color you chose is beautiful as well.


gorgeous and in my favorite yarn! what size needle and what gauge are you gettin? latifa


Great job on the glove and the custom fitting...and the colors are gorgeous!


Ok, that's it. After seeing Claudia's scarf and your glove, I'm off to get some Koigu. Beautiful!


Koigu is my favorite yarn. I'm sure it feels as marvelous as it looks. It only took you three days? Wow, that's amazing.


love your glove. can't wait to see its mate.


I started some gloves a few weeks ago in a pink Koigu colorway... kept having trouble though with the thumb, so I need to revisit the gusset instructions... They do work up really quickly and comfy though!


Did you use tiny glove dpns for the fingers? Or did you use longer dpns?

I'm curious because I'm thinking of buying some of those tiny jobs, but I'm not sure I'd like working with them.


love the gloves! can i please ask what color koigu you used?


And here I've been, making mittens. What was I thinking? Now I need to get some Koigu and get going on gloves. Yours is adorable.


Hi Booga,

the German glove pattern I use (does Regia btw)says to do two extra rows/rounds over the first three fingers after knitting the pinkie. Maybe that would help?

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