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Monday, November 10, 2003



I have no idea, but I love the shape of the bag!


Not sure about the pic, maybe #1 or #3. What I do know is that I want that pattern!


Brenda -- Thanks so much!! ThreadBear is going to have it in about a week. I just have to finish typing up the pattern, print it out and assemble it!



Great looking bag!!!
My votes for #4.


Love the bag! My vote is for #4.

Different Sarah

I vote for #4, too!


I vote for #2...fewer distractions, more focus on the bag. I do like the hanging version, though, handles "up". Maybe a #5? Hanging, with a less busy background?

What color # Kureyon is that? The bag looks fabulous! Congrats!


i like #1 and #4.


I like picture 1 the best. I really like the view of the bag hanging up - it sitting (while very nice) doesn't grab me as much as the picture of it straps up. I think setting it on the basket distracts too much from the bag. When I see the bag with its straps hanging I keep thinking its sticking its tounge out at me... :-)

I agree, however, with Jan - maybe a hanging pic with a less busy background?


I'm with those who like the hanging version. I think it shows off the shape of the bag better. I might take another picture besides #1, however, that showed the bag a little more head on.

Lovely bag!


Either 4 or 5!

Nice bag - good shape!


Is that a denim slipcover on your couch? Love that! Obviously, the slip cover distracted me, but that's because I'm in the market for new slip covers for my couch. I like #2 & #4 equally. Great bag. :-)


I like the hanging shot, but also think the lighting is really good in #4, and sitting it on top of the basket gives a good sense of its volume. It's a really nice bag!


Definitely #1. The bag looks so sad with it's strapping just hanging down in the other photos. And the basket in #4 is a little incongruous.


I love either 2 or 5. Great bag Julie!


I think #4.


Great pattern. I think #1 shows off the button and loop more so than the others.


I vote for pic #1.... it shows scale.... I bought the Madeline kit from "the Bear" and was sort of shocked that it was so small..... The pictures with the baskets don't really give you any ideal what the sizes are...


I like #1 best. What color kureyon did you use?


I would choose #2. If I remember correctly, your booga bag at least is displayed on a chair so, though that's my favorite shot, I like the variation of the second pic from what you've done before. I like the idea of the basket in the pic but it looks, to me (sorry!) out of place with nothing else in the shot.
Either way, the bag is gorgeous!


Fabulous bag! I can't wait to get the pattern - tough to pic a favorite pic because they are all good in their own way. I prefer the hanging bag just a little - shows off everything.


I like #1!


4,4,4 !
I love the bag.Fab ! I'm going to get a pattern.
Also love the colour.


I like #2. I find the picnic basket distracting. My second choice would be #1 because you can more easily imagine how long the straps are.


love #2.

Carolyn H.


Nicole F.

#1 And I'm making a Bogga bag in blues for my mom for Christmas. Keep up the great work. :)


I vote for #1, but like the others have said, with less distractions.... Remember, we went Booga bag crazy with the bag hanging!!! Can't wait to get this pattern!!!


I love this bag. I vote for #1 but #4 is a close second.


i likes #1 or #4... #1 is nice for scale. is that a denim slipcover in the background? tres kewl. :)


I vote for #1. Great Bag!


numero tres (or) number three


lily one


another vote for number 4 :)


#1 definitely - showing the straps is nice and I agree that the basket is too distracting. If you had just the bag with the all blue background with no basket, then that'd be ok too.

Nice work!


My vote is #4!


I vot for #1


All are great, but I say 4!


Great new bag, Julie!! Love the shape and fastening. I vote for #2, the basket is a distraction as others have said. Maybe something else could be used for scale, like a few hanks of kureyon with the bag on top?




Julie, can you tell me how many balls of kureyon this bag will take? I can score some this weekend at 25% off, so would really like to get it now. Thanks!


Lily #1.


I like number 4 but maybe another picture with more bag and less basket. Very beautiful

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