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Thursday, January 15, 2004




I finished my Lily Bag a couple of weeks ago, and I love it. It's my everyday bag, but I do want to stick some grommits in it, because I tend to stuff it way too full of stuff. You can see pictures of it here:


I knitted it out of the Arucania Nature Wool in Deep Sea Blue, and I love it to death. :)


Looks like a good start on the bag website. I *would* recommend (as a web designer) that you not leave so much white space in the boxes toward the bottoms on all the pages. The red-rimmed white boxes extend down so far that you scroll only to get the bottom of the page and nothing more. I see in the code that you have a whole bunch of line break tags - you don't need so many - maybe one or two to give you some breathing room at the bottom, but not as many as there are now.

Good going otherwise - keep at it! :-)


Looks fine in Mozilla Firebird 0.6 and Opera 7.2


What about having a link back to the other sections on each page? This way if you are looking at the news page and want to go to the bags you can do it with 1 click.

I love the look though, very classic and simple.

Lisa, Mike, Jack, and Della

I'm using Windows ME (hissss)and links work great in IE. I love the beautiful felted squares, and the three together look wonderfully serene. I'd like back-to links on the pages too.

Good work! Good luck!


me too, as a web designer, if you make the "Black Sheep Bags" graphic a .gif instead of a .jpg, it won't have those floaty spots around it (compression remnants). a good rule to follow for images is if it's full color or has gradations (photographs, pen&ink shaded drawings) it should be a .jpg and if it's flat color (type, logos, flat illustrations like comics) then it should be a .gif. it'll save oodles off download time.


Looks great on my Mac in Safari.

I agree with the other comments -- one additional thing -- if you could add a section or some info about where people can buy your patterns, that would be great.


Looks good on my browser. I'm using Mozilla Firebird.


Everything looks fine in Netscape 7.1. (Windows ME)

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