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Monday, January 12, 2004



I followed the directions about the back neck stitches and put the on the holder and now I'm not quite sure. I believe that the corrections now say that we're to bind off the neck stitches and not put them on a holder. I can't remember whether this came from the publisher's site or the emailed corrections!

My front neck shaping has been redone and the correction seems to have been correct [wow, what great prose!]. Once I get some work done [always gets in the way], I'm going to rip out the back neck and shoulder shaping and proceed to bind them off, yada, yada.


Love the scarf! After seeing directions I knew why, a sucker for seed st I am!


I like the black sheep bags site, very colourful! The seed st scarf also looks great, I love chunky scarves..


there's a new worsted weight alpaca at elann.com.
i get their samples and it is a pleasant yarn : )


Pretty scarf. Congrats on the site!

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