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Thursday, January 29, 2004



Oh I can't wait! I'm going to order one of your beautiful kits in advance! They are simply gorgeous!!!


Oh my I really must knit that...oh my!!!


You've really outdone yourself this time - I think I may make this one for myself!


Oh Julie, this is wonderful. I have to make one. For this, I'm willing to learn how to do stranded knitting.


The bags look fabulous! How was it sewing the zipper into the felted fabric?


Fabulous bags!! I think I'll be ordering this pattern - you sucked me in with this one.


Oh, I like! The shape is great. I'll be interested to hear what the final dimensions are.


Wow! Awesome bag! Even though colorwork isn't my strongest skill, looks like I'll be getting some practice b/c I will be making this bag.


really terrific! can't wait to give these a try. thanks for the great photos!


Definitely another winner!


WOW. This pattern is to die for.
I know several ladies I will have to knit this for.


Love the shape and the zipper. Way to go, Julie!


Ohhh, I love it!! This one really looks special, think I gotto have one, hehe. Do you sew in the zipper before felting or after? After I guess otherwise its going to pucker, no?


LOVE IT~~ Great color, great design....email me, please I need to order some for the shop! :)

melissa j

wow! those look simply amazing. what a great bag maker you are! i may just have to get me one of these... ;)


Those are beautiful, Julie! How exciting that you have joined the master knitting program! Does that mean we have to bow to you! No? Just wondering.....haha!


Love the bag in black!

Wanted to let you know that for the past month or so, your site hasn't been able to fully load when you view it on the Mac in IE. Just an FYI - I don't know what it's getting stuck on (do you use unkymoods.com? They had to redo their database, so if you're connected, that might be tripping it up). Luckily, I have a PC at my desk too! :-)


Wow, Kristina is really gorgeous! I've been wanted to try felted colorwork. I may just have to get me one of those...

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