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Friday, January 23, 2004


Teresa C

Hey! I have just started the Level 1 MK program. You should go here ( http://www.handknitter.sarahpeasley.com/ ) and join the knit along, and there is a group at yahoogroups where I have picked up a little info. Please post about your progress, I will!


I'm glad you've joined the knitalong! Be sure to look at Sarah's Master Knitter archives...lots of good stuff in there! And the MK group at Yahoo groups is pretty good, although right now they seem pretty indignant over the instructions, which some feel are too general. Anyway, glad to have you!


And join the yahoo group as well, although thing can get a wee fraught there when people get confused and the PTB keep repeating "look it up" or we answered that 6 months ago. BTW, BoogaBag is mostly done, I can't quite decide if I should line it, and I want to do a different handle but I've got a mailing deadliine to get it to the school - I used 102, which mostly seems red, but reads orangy when felted.


Karen of Knitabit is also doing the master knitter thing. Her site is at http://water-rights.com/blog/ . Good Luck on becoming a master, and let us know what you think from time to time.


Julie, you're going to do really wool in the Master Knitter program. All it takes is the right attitude I think. Oh and a TON of knitting reference books.


I'm going to start at the end of this month too! My goodness, this Master Knitter Program is becoming a popular thing to do! Please post your progress!

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