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Wednesday, January 21, 2004



I shouldn't really comment on politics (I don't even live in the US!).... but that man is scary!

That Liv sweater looks really nice!


the Liv sweater looks like an Elsebeth Lavold pattern -- the cul-de-sac vest in Knitters was worked similarly to this for the back. Yours looks great. I'm with you on Bushwacked....


Sorry - meant to send a comment but posted it in the wrong place. Don't know how to delete it. Hope it's not a problem.


My LYS will be stocking the Lavold patterns and yarns soon. Very exciting news! Don't even get me started on The Shrub . . .


Pattern alert! I'm on the second sleeve. I made the body armhole just a smidge longer and just planned to do the same on the straight knitting section of the armhole. Not a good idea. Sleeve cap was way too short and I don't mean under an inch.

I'll be interested to see if your sleeve cap fits your armhole. I ended up refiguring the math on the sleeve cap - not rocket science, but definitely in keeping with the experience with this pattern so far.

That being said, I love the yarn and the drape of the garment. Your knots look great. It is lookin' good. Do you wrap purl stitches that follow a knit stitch clockwise? Unfortunately, I have to do it to avoid a droopy rib.


Change is good! Lets be prepared.
Thanks for the link to the link with the State of the Union facts... I couldn't bring myself to watch it.

Liv look fabulous! great color.

gwen aka tll grrl

Liv is going to be lovely!
And thanks for the link for the SoU address.
It made me ill as well. So ill that had I had some scissors I would have wanted to fall on them.

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