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Sunday, January 04, 2004



Ooooh... I like that design! I'm starting to see why everyone likes Lavold so much!


I had a bit of trouble with one of my #3 DPN from Brittany. I e-mailed them and a couple weeks later I had a new one in the mailbox! Excellent company to deal with.


You don't waste any time, girlfriend! Hope you got a lot of mileage on that sweater while the snow was coming down... I know that it helped me get a new project started.


I found Brittany to be excellent at replacing broken needles. And that Silky Wool looks wonderful.


OMG that sweater is lovely! I keep fondling that silky wool and it's gorgeous. Can't wait to see the finished product (not to rush you or anything!)


Customer service is great! Love the new project.


I can almost feel the yarn. It looks like it is going to drape nicely from the pattern photo. I love the color you chose too, have fun!


Pattern alert! I am finishing up on Liv and there are some errors in the pattern on the neck shaping. A great fiber and a nice pattern however. The errors may be posted on the website by now, but I posted the most recent ones on KnitU and on Knitting Beyond the Hebrides as well. Just search for Elsebeth Lavold corrections. Good luck. I did mine in the green and loved it.



Great choice of Lavold sweaters--we have several folks working on it from purchases here.

BE WARNED.......there are errors in Liv (and other sweaters from the book), but Liv is the worst. A note today from Elsebeth herself admits to errors and no known timeline for her corrections (she's....."tired and busy" or some such...).

The shoulder shaping is a mess--tells you to repeat from the * and there is no *.


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