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Monday, May 03, 2004



I love the haircut! You look great. Your broadripple's wonderful too. I made a pair out of Fixation - actually they were my first ever pair of socks. I LOVE THEM though I'd not recommend anyone else do a first sock with Fixation. The grafting was a trip. Hope things are going great with that awesome new house.




The haircut is darling! Very flattering, very sporty. And think how cute it will look this fall/winter when you have great scarves wrapped around your neck. Two thumbs up.


Great haircut.

Julie, where can I find the Lorna's Laces Broadripple pattern?


Beautiful haircut! I too love the cutting-the-hair-drying-time-by-75% that short hair affords you. And your SIP is lovely!


Cute hair! and the sock looks pretty.


Thanks for the broadripple and yarn review. I've been resisting the whole broadripple mania, but your socks are pretty darned good looking. Cute hair too.


Wow, you really went for it. I'm impressed! The last time I had my hair cut short (a Princess Di sympathy cut), my oldest one (4 at the time) took one look and said "You look nasty!" What can I say. No Princess Di am I. YOU, however, look smashing! What a great way to start the warm weather season.


Your haircut looks lovely. What a graceful neck that couldn't be seen with longer hair! Nice socks, too.
{this all sounds slightly off center? I will stop now :0 }


Looks carefree and lovely, also love the socks.


Hi there,
I too made the broadripple pattern in the bearfoot yarn. They came out beautifully but I must say that the bearfoot yarn no longer has any resemblence to the color that I knitted with, they bled out a LOT! Fixation is a super yarn for the broadripple pattern, but I walked through their heels in about a week :( No color problem with those LOL...
Haircut looks great, that's going to be nice for warmer summer weather.


Hey Julie, totally cute haircut! Hey, I"m on the GSRP Fair Isle list and never heard what happened to it after Kristin - did you ever get it?


you look very sophisticated with your new haircut. it is lovely.

Rob told about your shawl and i clicked to see it....ooooo la la

i am hoping to receive something from Rob and Matt to tackle. i need somehting easy, a beginner lacey shawl to knit. i leave everything up to them.


all the happiness in the world to you and yours in your new home. how exciting for you. i do hope you are getting enough rest.

i will tell Rob that you OK the Charlotte's Web for me....thanks, you are a sweetie.


Love the haircut, and the socks ...so I kept reading and clicking on pictures and O.M.G. We have the same staircase. With almost the identical stair runner. I have no idea why I find that amazing, but I do.
sorry, it sounds SO much weirder posted as a comment.
Blessings in the new house!


Fab new hair cut !
I love your Broadripples,and I love knitting that pattern.Easy to knit but not boring.I'm about to cast on for my 3rd pair.


Forgot to wish you luck with the packing !


I had real long hair & just cut it all off about 15 years ago. I liked it, but then I like change. Change is good. Your hair looks really cute.
What yarn is that for the Broadripple sock. Bearfoot what & by whom? Love it!!!


Nevermind about the yarn. Sorry, I just found it on your pictures. Good luck packing & moving


You look great, girl. And I concur on the Broadripple pattern. At first I thought I'd never manage to stay in pattern. But after the first inch, it was easy, and the results are great. I'm glad to hear it went well in Bearfoot.


Julie, your sock is awesome. I've made one with Regia Crazy Stripe and have another in progress with Fixation.

I like both, and someday, I need to make a pair in with Bearfoot.

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